About us:In a general technique mainly on electricity, an electron, a machine, engineering, the chemistry, LION POWER contribute to the future society.

About us

 We have been proudly providing unique solution for variety of clients to improve quality, efficiency, productivity and profitability of their business since 1972. Our extensive client’s list is diversified, and we have been providing our service and product to help each client to be successful in their market.

 We constantly strive for our pursuit of exceeding client’s expectation and toward excellence by building our working principles into everything we deliver and into how we work as an organization.

 We stand behind our products and services. Our persistence in in-house integrated production system from parts to finish products enable to shorten lead time and best quality control.

 Lion Power Co. Ltd. Is certified to ISO9001, ISO14000 and ISO13485 and takes pride in keeping reliable quality of our products and services.

 Our devotion for innovative products supported by technology to improve quality of our life and build a new culture for better future never cease. Let our new generation, “young Lion” help to make your life much less complicated and much more productive. We, Lions as a team can lead through the pass towards new bright future.

Our mission

“Devotion and commitment to improve our society and life.
By dedicating ourselves to vital technology, bring prosperity to ourselves,
community and the world.”

Our approach, “Lion Power method”:

  • Our company’s vital existence in human society supported by innovative creation and implementation with technology.

    Educate and devote ourselves for acquiring cutting edge technology in electric, electronic and mechanical engineering to provide versatile services and contribute for better future society.

  • Providing the vital technology and product for society by being powered with client’s appreciation.

    Providing the technology and product to fulfill client’s real needs. Our innovative products bring us clients’ smile.
    If you wished for something can improve efficiency, quality or productivity for your businesses, we are confident in coming up with unique solution for you.

  • “Difficulty” is the opportunity for us to shine.

    “Difficulty” always brings the opportunity for us to differentiate our company from competitors.

  • “Encouraging challenge”

    “Trial and error” Get the positive outcomes from your own mistakes and any experiences. Action cannot always promise the perfect result but helps growth. So never be afraid of challenge. Keep moving forward in your career and spread your wings around the world.