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System Programming

 We offer system programming service for control systems using microcomputer, FPGA, sequencer, touch panel screen and PC for wide variety of types of devices including specialty devices as medical equipment.

 Also we can provide services for existing system such as renewal, reprogramming including source code analysis and program replacement.

 We are capable of programming sequencer using upcoming trend SFC.

Microcomputer software: CPU, FPGA


 We normally use C language for programming to make them easily decipherable and simple and FPGA for fast controller required for image processing.

 As the manufacturer involving with designing from circuit board through finish product, we can understand total needs for your system and provide best solution for your system including upgrading or adding function with help of our hardware engineer team easily.

Source code analysis, program replacement

 Sometimes it cause the problem for reprogramming and renew the program if the original program was written in Assembly language since some programmers are not familiar with Assembly language. Our programmers includes Assembly language expert can confidently provide the solution for any program and also replace existing.

 Assembly language program with C language program for renewal program so it will be much easier for change or adding program in the future.

 If you have difficulty in deciphering program, let us help you. We are confident in solving your problem.

Sequencer, SFC and touchscreen programming

 For automatic or most efficient system, sequencer controller is used. We can develop not only the ladder program but SFC program also. We as well can provide the options like replacing sequencer with microcomputer for mass production to reduce the production cost or redesigning touch panel programming. Our total package service can provide more efficient and cost effective solution for your control panel production.

Touch panel programming

 When you add the procedure to selector switch system, extra programming is required such as adding another selector switch, changing executive program for different control perimeter, etc. Replacing user interface design from selector switch to touch panel programming gives you the advantage of adding processes easily. Adding process, adjusting parameters, push button switch, LED illuminated status indicator can be added or modified easily on touch panel programming. Sequencer and touch panel would be connected with communication cable only, so it can reduce wiring and production process also.

 Our touch panel screen is uniquely designed with 3D data visualization system showing outline view of device and jumps to operation screen by touching the unit on outline view. We have the advantage of being able to use 3D data since we do mechanical design as well.

 We design simple, self-explanatory and user friendly system which enable for operator to run the system without relying on instruction manual. Our color system indicator is used for showing status and different size and design button are used for each purpose. We develop the system which can support your business from interface aspect as well.

PC application control system

PC applicationPC application
Excel VBAExcel VBA

 We also develop control system application for PC according to your operation system. We can solve the problem or redesign application for problems occurring when you change or upgrade to new Windows systems like Windows 7 or 8 from Windows XP.

 Using PC application system enable monitoring system remotely and send the alarm signals for prompt proper action. It also enable storing the data as test data or operation history in database. Having database makes data tabulation or processing possible simply using Excel, Macro or VBA automatic processing, and it’s the most cost effectively and efficiently way. Though we sure develop special application for that purpose as well.