Staff Wanted:In a general technique mainly on electricity, an electron, a machine, engineering, the chemistry, LION POWER contribute to the future society.

(Design and Manufacture of automatic equipment and systems)

 We are a company that designs and manufactures automated systems and medical devices in Japan.
 We hope to open a sales office in France or Spain or Africa in 5 years and start global transactions.

 I want you to do technical sales in Japan for 3 to 5 years while receiving engineering training, and 5 years later to be active as an open staff in France, Spain, Africa.
 For our first overseas expansion, we would like to challenge with energetic people who can overcome the issues and proceed.

 Faculty of Science and Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical / Software etc.), New graduate OK

Application details

  • Application type: Engineer (mechanical design, electrical design, software design), technical sales staff
  • Job description: 3-5 years domestic technical sales, preparation for opening new overseas base

 Engage in development work related to automatic systems and have them acquire comprehensive technology.
 We propose, design and manufacture automated systems for our customers.
 In overseas site preparation, site selection, opening, sales, etc.

Application conditions

  • Those who like manufacturing and have studied mechanical, electrical, software and other specialties
  • JLPT N2 level or above
  • Native or close level of French or English.
  • Location: Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Entry time: decided by consultation


  • Japanese university graduate: ¥ 202,000
  • Japanese university graduate → Japanese graduate school: ¥ 205,000
  • Graduated from university in home country (overseas) → Japanese graduated school: ¥ 205,000
  • Working hours: 8:30 to 17:05
  • Allowances: Overtime allowance, commuting allowance
  • Annual holiday: 101 days Benefits: Social insurance, employee travel, in-house gym, fishing club / football team available

Company information

:  1973
Number of employees
:  104 (as of May 2020)
English speakers
:  4
Average age
:  40 years old
:  JPY 41,560,000

Application method

Please send your resume by email. After that, we will adjust the coming schedule.
At the company, company explanations, in-house tours, aptitude tests and interviews are conducted.

Email address :
Recruiter : 
General Affairs Division Nakamura(Mr)
Phone : 
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